The Trastevereinbed rules

1.Arrived at the apartment will be necessary to furnish an identity document;

2.The day of the departure the room will have to be left at 11 a.m. in order to allow the final cleaning of the room. Eventual demand to extend the permanence will involve the debit of an ulterior night;

3.It's forbidden to smoke in the rooms, but only in the veranda of the kitchen;

4.It's forbidden the entry in the house to friends, relatives or other persons who do not lodge in the B& B if not agreed previously;

5.It must be observed Hush from 22,00 p.m to 8,00 a.m and from 14,00 p.m. to 16.00p.m. In any case it must be maintained a behaviour that in no moment of the day and no way it damages other people's tranquillity;

6.Keep clean the environment and particularly don't throw in the WC things different from those they are conceived for (no diapers, no plastic, no absorbents and/or other cumbersome materials);

7.Don't make use of the kitchen or the washing machine without permission;

8.Every host is held to pay eventual damages brought to the B& B and for improper use of the complementary equipments;

9.Don't stand to speak in the entrance or on the stairs of the building;

10.Every host, at the end of permanence, will have to give back the keys. In case of loss he will have to pay a penalty;

11.Please turn off the lights of the rooms and other systems when you are outside the room;

12.The payment is anticipated.


One declines every responsibility for the loss, theft and/or damaging of objects of your properties left in the rooms

Thank you for choosing my B&B and I wish you a nice and serene stay.